Tuesday, September 2, 2014

11 Tools an Electrician Uses

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Tools are very important when it comes to an electrician and how they perform their job -- just ask my husband!  He's always buying new tools!

An electrician is responsible for bringing electricity into homes or businesses and work with not only replacing and adding wires but with circuit breakers, fuses and installing lighting as well. In order to get the job done they have certain tools they must use. With such new electrical machineries and maintenances making sure you have the right tools is important when you are learning how to become an electrician. Here are a list of just 11 of those tools and what they are used for.

1. Torpedo Level

A torpedo level is really essential for every electrician to have. This tool is used to check three different planes in tight spaces. It checks the surface for the level, plumb, and 45 degree angle. Torpedo levels are also used to make sure fixtures are fitted on straight and that nothing is crooked or off. 

2. Wire Strippers

An important tool for an electrician is wire strippers. A wire stripper removes the plastic coating or protective covering off of a cable to expose inner wires to different electric devices. Because wires come in a wide range in sizes an electrician needs to have a varied selection of wire strippers in their tool box.

3. Fish Tape

Fish tape is used by electricians to route new wiring through electrical conduit and walls. This is a very useful and important tool for every electrician.

4. Multitool

The best multi tools are small and can save an electrician from dragging the whole tool chest with him or her to a remote site. Leatherman tools are really nice, and there's a lot of good reviews about multi tools floating around the web.

5. Flashlight

This tool is very important for a job where there is limited light. It is vital that an electrician doesn’t work with wires or circuits were there isn’t proper lighting. A good flashlight should always be present in a toolbox.

6. Tape Measure

A tape measure may seem like a simple tool but it is so important for an electrician to have. Of course an electrician can use this to determine the length of something that needs to be cut or just measure lengths for wire. On the other hand a tape measure can also measure outlets and heights of switches. This is such a useful tool!

7. Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Diagonal cutting pliers are one of the many important cutters an electrician should own. These pliers are used to cut cable, wires, screws and nails heads. But because these are diagonal shape these should not be the only cutting tools in your box.

8. Cable Cutters

As an electrician it is not only important to have cable cutters in your toolbox but to have different sizes of cable cutters. This tool is used to cut through very thick wires and as every electrician knows wires come in different shapes and sizes. Because cable cutters are used to cut dense wires this tool is more powerful than your standard pliers.

9. Channel Lock Pliers

Channel lock pliers are used for pinching and grabbing different objects. They are useful for an electrician to tighten wires, cables and bolts without much fuss. They are also adjustable and can be used for different sizes of objects.

10.  Screw Driver

Electricians need a variety of screwdrivers in their toolbox. Screwdrivers are important when tightening and loosening screws on the job. It is important for an electrician to have the right type of screwdriver because they are working with electrical wiring. 

11. Electrician Hammer

Like a normal standard hammer the electric hammer is used to drive objects into materials. But what makes an electric hammer different is it use gives electricians a benefit for installing electrical boxes and screwing wire into wood frames. The hitting action done with this type of hammer is done electrically.

An electrician’s job is not an easy one and can be a lot of work, which is why the essential tools are so beneficial. Not only should an electrician have the right tools needed but it is important to also take care of these tools so they last a long time and work properly. Having an organized toolbox will make it where tools are easy to find and you will always have the right tool for you. An electrician’s toolbox is his or her best friend on the job!